About Us

What better way to tell you about ourselves than to share with you our first email teaser... 

Despite having over 50 years of combined experience in the world of menswear, we are now more than ever driven by the desire to bring you by the process of osmosis the freshest new directions from our constant worldwide travels & our never ending search for the ultimate inspiration for our brand.

This combined with obsessive levels of design integrity, quality of both fabric & trim is all offered to you for a staggeringly reasonable sum.

It is with this mission always in mind that we proudly offer you a preview of our first ever season… our launch pack PDF.
‘The Flux Capacitor Jacket sits proudly a top the pyramid that is UG AW14 Launch collection, with just about everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. Not one, but 2 fabrics in the mix to give shower protection where its needed the most and a very nice laundered finish to compliment the beautiful vintage real leather trim.The shape has been sharpened up to give a contemporary fit. It’s no pretender either as it’s Borg lined & has super thick shock cord in all the right places to shut out the crippling winter winds.

Make sure you remember to take it off indoors or you wont feel the benefit…’
If you’re going to do something, then do it right was the phrase swirling around our heads as we tackled the design & development process on this one. From the quality of the loopback to the attention paid to getting the fit absolutely spot on, no stone was left unturned.I think one of the best features is the discharge print & its irreverent pocket positioning… Done!’
‘I’ve always loved chunky 3D letters. Lately I’ve been playing around with phrases and slogans and filling them up with patterns and motifs. I had fun adding in little details so there’s stuff to pick out if you look closely. Hand drawn as always.’